Anonymous said:
this is probably a super dumb question but why do you use the slashes? like the gav/in c/reel

i’ve explained this before but i’m too lazy to look for it. um it’s basically because if you use the tumblr search, it searches through eVERYTHING even if you didn’t tag it, so for example, if someone were to look up g cr/eel and i didn’t have the slashes in it, my text post would come up and i don’t want that. it’s not a dumb question, thanks. :)

omg omg what is this im reading mr ga/vin c/reel actual cockatoo in toronto?? yES SO MUCH YEEEESSSS

michaellfatica replied to your post: yes so my interview is tomorrow and i …

good luck!! i’m sure you’ll do great, i hope you do amazing!!!

thanks so much idk though i’m doubting myself so  much i just feel so inexperienced and unqualified

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do it at your own pace dont worry

thanks omg i’m trying. the teacher let us out early so i’m done school yay but thanks :)

to do:

  • research company
  • make simple website
  • relearn javascript
  • eat lunch
  • chill out, don’t cry
  • finish presentation

yes so my interview is tomorrow and i have to show them examples of sites i’ve done but how can i when i don’t have any??????????????????????????????????????????????????? gUYS IM GONNA CRY

hulkllngs said:
omgogm ur gonna do gr8 on ur interview dont worry man dont worry they will b this is the cutest boy w rad webpages lets hire him !! !! !

omg this is the cutest thing i need it in my happy tag thank you friend :)